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SUPRAER-CA Model 3 is a versatile aerosol generator. It is primarily designed for laboratory generation of concentrated aerosols within the 1 to 10 micron particle size range (see Technology). When used without the concentrator it can generate nanoparticles and non-flammable vapors.

The particle size generated can be tailored by changing a) the nozzle used b) the concentration of the solute/sol in the aqueous carrier solution and the nozzle pressure.

SUPRAER-CA Model 3 has the CE mark and the Nemko safety mark for the US and Canada for continuous laboratory operation.

Each SUPRAER comes with its Unique Identifaction Code and label according to MIL SPC-130.

Output cones are available for connection to 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch OD diameter pipes.

The optional syringe pumps and syringes are especially suited for use with SUPRAER. KAER can not endorse the use of standard disposable syringes for use with SUPRAER.

Compressed dry air at 60 psi and 200 l/min is required for the operation of SUPRAER-CA. The recommended compressor can be purchased from KAER.

KB-SA-CA-2P2R SUPRAER-CA Model 3 2 gas inlets 2 regulators
KB-SA-CA-1P2R SUPRAER-CA-Model 3 1 gas inlet 2 regulators
KB-SA-CA-2P-0R SUPRAER-CA Model 3 2 gas inlets no internal regulators or pressure guage
KB-N-250 Nozzle holder and nozzle 250 micron gas orifice
KB-N-300 Nozzle holder and nozzle 300 micron gas orifice
KB-N-400 Nozzle holder and nozzle 400 micron gas orifice
KB-N-500 Nozzle holder and nozzle 500 micron gas orifice
KB-N-600 Nozzle holder and nozzle 600 micron gas orifice
KB-N-700 Nozzle holder and nozzle 700 micron gas orifice
KB-SP-N-15 Syringe pump to nozzle connector Standard 15 cm
KB-SP-N-X Syringe pump to nozzle connector minimum dead space X=length in cm
Flow Distributor    
KB-FD-LF-11 Flow distributor Low flow distriutor for KB-N-250 nozzle
KB-FD-MF-11 Flow distributor Medium flow distriutor for KB-N-300 and KB-N-400 nozzles
KB-FD-HF-11 Flow distributor High flow distriutor for KB-N-500 and KB-N-600 nozzles
KB-FD-VHF-11 Flow distributor Very high flow distriutor for KB-N-700 nozzle
Evaporation Chamber    
KB-QT-6 Quartz evaporation chamber 6 inches long
KB-QT-9 Quartz evaporation chamber 9 inches long
KB-QT-12 Quartz evaporation chamber 12 inches long
High Flow Aerosol Concentrator    
KB-VIC-RS High flow aerosol concentrator High flow, low resistance concentrator
KB-XT-MT Exit cone with medical tapers 7/8 ID 1 inch OD
KB-XT-0.5 Exit cone 1/2 inch OD tube
KB-XT-1 Exit cone 1 inch OD tube
KB-XT-1.5 Exit cone 1.5 OD tube
KB-XT-1.62 Exit cone 1.62 inches OD for filter holder
Low Flow Aerosol Concentrator    
KB-VIC-SS Low flow aerosol concentrator Low flow, low resistance concentrator, for animal study
KB-FH-47 Filter adapter 1.62 inches OD for filter holder
KB--EF-ES-100 Exhaust filters Pack of 100
KB-SP-1 Syringe pump Programmable one syringe
KB-SP-2 Syringe pump Programable 2 syringes
KB-GS-5 Glass syringe Teflon plunger 5 ml capacity
KB-GS-10 Glass syringe, Teflon plunger 10 ml capacity
KB-GS-25 Glass syringe, Teflon plumger 25 ml capacity
KB-BA-COMP 3 HP breathing air compressor


KB-AS-9 Aerosol scavenger Portable, high flow, fitted with a HEPA filter, 9 inch ID, 10 inch deep



KAER provides aerosol generation and delivery services

KAER's expertise and technologies are in the production and processing of aerosols from solutions or sols of large labile molecules. These technologies utilize KAER's proprietary low shear single pass nozzle technology together with rapid low temperature aerosol drying and, where desired, aerosol concentration technologies. These technologies extend the range of molecular weight and viscocity of solutions that can be used to generate aerosols less that 10 micron in diameter that have a narrow size distributions.

Biologics which are good candiates for aerosolozation include, antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, proteins, fusion proteins, surfactant, oligonucleotides, cellular organelles and viruses. KAER’s proprietary aerosol generation technologies are also applicable to the generation of aerosols of cells and cellular organelles. 

KAER's services include:

  • Determination of ideal processing parameters for each agent

  • Spray drying of expensive agents on a small scale (down to 200 microlitres)

  • Particle morphology characterization

  • High dose rate aerosol delivery for:

    • Drug discovery

    • Pharmacokinetics

    • Pharmacodynamics

    • Toxicology



KAER partners with Pharma to accelerate the development of more convenient and efficacious treatments of lung diseases.

KAER uses a licensing model to achieve the maximum market penetration of SUPRAER technology for aerosol delivery of labile macromolecules including proteins, peptides, surfactants, oligonucleotides, antibodies, plasmids and liposomes, as well as controlled release matrices of small molecules.

Stakeholder Benefits

SUPRAER provides a new modality for delivering high doses of biotherapeutics and other agents to the lung via inhalation in a convenient manner, without negatively affecting the active agent.  For those drugs whose administration is switched from IV to inhalation, all stakeholders impacted by the use of SUPRAER benefit.  Pharmaceutical companies making the transition to SUPRAER reap both the financial benefits, as well as corporate benefits from all levels of customer satisfaction and appreciation.


Benefits from using SUPRAER


  • Greater patient acceptance
  • Shorter treatment time and reduced side effects
  • Improved efficacy


  • Better patient adherence to therapy
  • Reduced complications and resource requirements
  • Lower cost of therapy


  • Lower cost of therapy
  • Option to move some treatments to patient’s home


  • Realizes a new delivery option
  • Greatly reduced cost of goods
  • Extension of product life cycle with new patent coverage


Working Relationship

KAER works with our partners from bench top to clinic to provide the optimum delivery of their agent.  During the initial work, KAER optimizes SUPRAER parameters for the aerosol delivery of their compounds.  As the product/device combination moves through to the clinical development stages, a customized version of SUPRAER is created for each home use product.

Your Contact

To determine how collaborating with KAER Biotherapeutics could benefit your organization, please contact us at (760) 480 9400 or by e-mail at

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